Harvest Baptist Church

For over thirty years, Harvest Baptist Church has provided a place of worship, spiritual growth and Christian fellowship. The local church serves as the center for all of the outreach ministries of Harvest locally, regionally and around the world. We invite you to join with us as we strive to develop a heart for God on the island of Guam.

Meet Our Pastoral Staff


Back Row: Christian Bendo
Middle Row: Joe Henson, Marty Herron, Bryan Lenartz
Bottom Row: Jared Baldwin, Kevin Inafuku

Service Times


9:30 am   Adult Bible Fellowships
9:30 am   Children's Program
10:30 am   Worship Service (FLC)
6:00 pm   Family Bible Hour (FLC)

Thursdays (during June and July)

(Wednesdays during the remainder of the year)

6:30 pm   HEART for Christ (FLC)
7:00 pm   Storm the Castle Children's Program (FLC)
7:00 pm   Adult Classes/Prayer
7:00 pm   Nursery
7:00 pm   Parenting Video Series*
7:00 pm   Finance Class*
7:00 pm   Marriage Video Study*
7:00 pm   HBBC Class-Counseling*
7:00 pm   Korean Bible Study*

*These activities do not meet during the summer months.

Online Sermons



Joe Anderson, Warren Han, Ken Keith, Matt Lewis, Cliff Paulin, Brandon Pegarido, George Ross, Uri Schallhorn, Kin Uson, and Chris Wolseley

Alternates – Dave Morgan, Ray Lovmo


Pacific Rim Christian Camp

Are you a college student looking
for a summer ministry?

Apply for the Guam Summer Ministry Team!