Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff of Harvest Baptist Bible College are dedicated to the spiritual growth of Micronesian young people. Their practical goals include preaparing the students to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their cultures, as well as equipping them to assist local Bible-believing missionaries in evangelism and church planting.


HBBC Administration (L-R): Dr. Yoh ShiratoPastor Joe Henson-Dean of Students, Pastor Marty Herron-Senior Pastor, Dr. Bobby Wood-Minister of Finance and Strategic Planning, Dr. Doug Abels-Minister of EducationMr. Scott Mills-HBBC Operations Manager


Doug Abels, Janette Baker, Bonnie Bayless, Christian Bendo, Duffee Brooks, Kristen Carruthers, Gary Crandall, Sherrie Crandall, Deb Denton, Pastor Don Eckert, Rhonda Green, Garthea Henson, Pastor Joe Henson, Pastor Marty Herron, Tami Herron, Kristen Hurlburt, Kevin Inafuku, Jon Marshall, Aninta Nifang, Julie Plonk, Yoh Shirato, Carol Trajan, Dr. Bobby Wood, Robin Wood.


Mrs. Beverly Aphcas, Mr. Melvin Aphcas, Mr. Gary Crandall, Mrs. Sherrie Crandall, Pastor Don Eckert, Mr. Carl Giese, Miss Rhonda Green, Mrs. Garthea Henson, Mrs. Tami Herron, Miss Kristen Hurlburt, Miss Aninta Nifang, and Mr. Scott Mills.

To contact any of the Harvest Baptist Bible College Faculty and Staff, please visit the Contact Us section of our website and select "General Questions." Please include the name of the person you are seeking to correspond with and your note will be forwarded to the correct individual.