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Henson’s 40th Anniversary

Hensons 40th


Pastor Joe and Garthea Henson celebrated 40 years of marriage and church ministry this past Sunday. Pastor Herron expressed thanks to God for their ministry in our morning service. As he described their work and family, a surprise was standing by.

Sons Joe and Garth were on-island with their wives Kristi and Becky. Their arrival brought tears, hugs, and applause from the church family. Joe, a pastor in North Carolina, and Garth, a technical lead in Seattle, grew up on Guam.

Hensons 40th c Hensons 40th b

The evening service was a time of celebration and honor. Old friends, church family, sons, and daughters in-law were on hand for the fellowship. Each praised God for His work through Pastor Joe and Garthea on our island.  Pastor Joe Henson III preached and Garth was able to give his testimony. Garth and Becky were also able to sing a special.  See the Sunday evening service video below.

Hensons 40th e

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