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Ravi Zacharias Interview

ravi interview 1x1

On Sunday June 4, Dr. Ravi Zacharias spoke to a record crowd of over 1,000 at Harvest Baptist Church. Ministries from all across the island brought their congregations to hear Ravi’s message. Looking out across the packed Harvest Family Life Center God’s people from over a dozen different cultures and countries were visibly moved to worship God in song, prayer and obedience to the truths from God’s Word. Scores of people responded to the Gospel invitation. Guam has been blessed by the impact of Ravi’s ministry. Afterward, Ravi graciously stayed and encouraged many people that stayed to get a quick picture or a word of encouragement. We wrapped up the night with an interview.

Thank you Ravi Zacharias for your investment in the people of Guam. We pray that the seeds planted this evening will bear much fruit.

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